Free-Range Chickens & Christians

When we think of "Free-range," most of us think of chicken. 

That's fine. There's a lot to learn from chickens.   The metaphor of free-range chickens can help us understand this newer approach to practicing your Christian faith - which is actually reminiscent of the organic and ancient way of following Christ. 

When we talk about free-range chickens, it doesn't mean chickens are living on their own. Instead, free-range simply refers to where they spend their time - which is outdoors. They have plenty of access to what they need outside of the coop. 

Likewise, we mean the same thing when we talk about Free Range Christians (FRC) - they are people who follow Christ but prefer access to people, experiences, and cultures outside of the traditional church. FRC is about a way of life alongside others, as opposed to an institution that prioritizes programs and rituals.

The Way of Free Range Christians

Are You A Free Range Christian?

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