Faith Community is a affirming group of - 

[pick one, we couldn't decide

practitioners/community members/travelers/hosts/friends/dreamers/followers of Christ 

- who are exploring new expressions of living out their faith by offering goodness and beauty to the community and the relationships that we are a part of. 

Our Practices 

Of Belonging

Relationships matter most.  It is how we show up for one another in all areas of life - good or bad. 

Of Curiousity

We learn best when we are curious. So we listen for new thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. We welcome the questions.

Of Hospitality

We welcome and create space for others. Usually, it is around a table, food, and conversations. 

Of Celebration

When good things happen to us, we can't wait to share that story! We share the stories of the good moments of life. 

Of Service To Others

This is at the core of who we are. Through serving others we offer hope, beauty, and healing in simple ways to the community around us.